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Shayla Rivera

Rocket scientist, producer, humorist, emcee, 

writer, STEM education advocate.

Keynote: "Coaching Well Trained Fleas"

Motivational STEM Speaker

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Bill Santiago

Bill's Comedy Performance : "Pardon My Spanglish" has audiences nodding and roaring with uncontrollable laughter with his unique take on bilingualism in America.

"For over 11 years, I've refined our speakers selection using my experience as a Latina corporate executive in the United States and Latina America. This Bureau has stayed true to our mission to offer the best professional Hispanic talent and Latino experts the speaking industry has to offer. The result is a long list of satisfied clients, including U.S. and foreign government agencies, national conferences, Fortune 500 corporations, professional and trade associations, nonprofits, colleges, universities and school districts. Our bilingual and bi-cultural Bureau is your expert partner for your Hispanic / Latino speaker event. "

-Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, President and Founder    


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We can help you find the right speaker and talent... in English or Spanish!


It takes a seasoned bilingual and culturally competent team to ensure that you find the best in Hispanic / Latino professional speakers. Our speakers constantly develop new programs and tailor  keynotes and the message to suit your event goals. Explore new programs. keynotes, and seminars by our speakers and let us help you find the right "fit" for your event.

Latino Speakers BureauTM is a trademark and DBA of Mira Pr0mo Corp., founded in 2003 as the first professional speakers bureau to specialize in showcasing successful Hispanics who are motivational speakers and trainers on the global speaking circuit.

Each year, our Latino speakers travel around the world to take the stage at conferences, meetings, galas, fundraisers, conventions, special events, Hispanic Heritage and Diversity programs, education forums, and other venues. Our clients appreciate our options in Hispanic comedy and performing arts, too.

Our diversity speakers continue to inspire, motivate, train, and entertain with broad expertise, stage presence, and excellence. Book your speaker today!